Since 1973, Insulation Solutions has emerged as a pioneer in the import and supply of Engineered Plastic and Electrical Insulation in India. An ISO 9001:2001 company; who has its manufacturing and component processing unit in New Delhi. Insulation Solutions is engineered plastic company who always focuses in bringing latest technology and innovation in the market. The machinery, technology and raw material are sourced from Japan and Korea to ensure the quality of the products but manufactured in India to ensure competitive pricing. In order to ensure quality, it has its own well equipped testing laboratory.
Insulation Solutions over the last few year has expanded its product line beyond insulation material to Engineered plastic, Electrical Insulations, Industrial Electricals, Industrial Sleevings and Insulation Tapes. The company is renowned for having one of the largest stock in the country. Insulation Solutions is well-know in the market for the quality and the competitive prices of it's products. The dedicated work force who work around the clock have made it possible to provide delivery and quality service to it's customers.
The company has two separate offices to cater to it's retail and wholesale trade. Both the officers are located at the commercial with Bihar Insulation House, Accurate Connecting System, E-systemizer pvt ltd and has started the manufacturing of LED lights.


The company has two warehouses of 400 sq yard each which are located at the heart of the city with easy access to transport facilities.
Our organization has a large and spacious warehousing unit for bulk storage of goods in a safe and secured manner. This unit is managed by a team of skilled and dedicated personnel. These professionals thoroughly inspect and manage the upcoming and outgoing of consignment. We have divided our warehouse into numerous sections to store products in different categories separately. We are backed by latest tools and equipments in our warehouse, which us to ensure hassle-free trans-location of the finished goods.