CAST NYLON is generally superior to extruded Nylon-6.Since it is made by direct polymerisation of caprolactam, the polymer has never been melted and thus has been subjected to any thermal degradation In addition ,its molecular weight (up to 10,00,000) is several fold higher than molecular weight of extruded nylon-6(30,000).


Sheet Diameter (MM) 15mm to 400mm
Sheet Length  (MM) 300mm , 500mm, 600mm ,1000mm or as per customer requirement.
Standard Color Natural , Blue , Black , green


  • Reduction in weight
  • Self- lubricating
  • Economy
  • Shock resistance
  • Improved dimensional
  • stability
  • Vibration damping performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Noise reduction
  • High service temperature
  • High tensile and compressive strengths
  • Machining


ENGINEERING Gears, cams, sprockets, bushes, bearings, gaskets, pulleys, liners
TEXTILE Loom pivotbearings, gears for loom and knitting machines, shuttles, rollers, cams,cams followers
METAL Bearings, bearing cages, slipper pads, gears, bushes, wear strips, rollers,eccentric rollers, wobble box inserts.

  1. Cranes / Fork lifts / conveyors
  2. Ropeways
Cranesheaves, bearing pads, bushes, rollers, thrust washers, slides, guides, idleand drive sprockets, gears, wear strips and plates.

Wheel liners (tyres), wheels, bushes.

AUTOMOBILE Wear rings,pads, swivel bushes, throttle linkages, bushes shackle pin bushes .
PAPER / SUGAR MILLS Gears,bushes, pulleys, rollers bearings
BOTTLING & FOOD PROCESSING Star wheels,scrolls, guides, cams, cam followers, rollers, timing screws
RAILWAYS Bushes / Wear Plates
CHEMICAL Balls,gaskets, liners, nuts & bolts
MARINE Bushes, gears, rings, trunnion bearings, rollersand roller bearings stern tubes


Melting Temperature 2150C
Density 1.14-1.16g/cm3
Tensile strength at yield 750-850kg/cm3
Elongation at yield 12-13%
E-modulus 24,000 to 26,300 kg/cm3
Hardness Rockwell 230C R107-112
Durometre 230C D82-89
Temperature of deflection 800C
Compression Strength at yield
Notched impact strength
5-11 kgcm/cm