Electrical Hand Gloves Crystal Brand Made Of Natural Rubber Which Gives Maximum Dexterity, Flexibility And Durability. Gloves Are Designed In Curved Hand Design Gives Superior Electrical Protection And Maximum Comfort In High Voltage Work. Gloves Are Tested And Confirm To Is 4770/1988/1991/1993 And IEC 60903 Specification.

A glove system consists of:
Crystal Electricals Hand gloves– Classified by the level of voltage and protection they provide Electrical hazards are extremely dangerous and can lead to severe burns and injuries.
Wearing the proper protection while on the job is crucial to preventing an electrical hazardfrom occurring. Electrical gloves are comfortable and come in many different sizes, ensuringthat workers can get their job done without distractions. Our high voltage gloves and low voltage gloves also provide cut resistance, keeping workers safe from any injury that may occur.