Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or commonly known as EPDM Rubber Sheets comes under a class of Synthetic Rubber. Synthetic rubber was earlier developed as a substitute of Natural Rubber but due to its better performance in certain specific conditions like resistant to whether, climate, ageing, ozone, temperature it is now being preferred over Natural Rubber at areas which are more pore to such conditions. It is another form of rubber sheet that can be very helpful to the buyers for wide variety of applications. EPDM rubber is one the most popular synthetic form of rubbers which is widely used in the industry.


Standard Thickness (mm) 10mm t 11mm to 50mm
Standard Width xLength
  1. 1 Mtr x 2 Mtr,
  2. 1Mtrs x Long length,
  3. 1.2 Mtrs x Long length,
  4. 1.2 Mtrs x Long length &
  5. OR As Per customer’s requirement.


  • High resistivity to steam, water, aging, ozone, oxidation
  • Impermeable to gas, acid proof, good resistance to many chemicals and solvents including many corrosive chemicals.
  • These types of rubber sheets remain stable for long periods of time due to its inert structure.


EPDM Rubber is expensively used in automobiles for door Seals, window seals, bidding, Lining of Water Reservoirs, Water Proofing of Roofs, Face safety Masks & at area of high Temperature.

Is highly used in outdoor and industrial application like roofing membrane, potable drinking water applications, steam sealing applications, weather strips and acid resistant applications and electrical applications due to good electrical strength.

  • Flange gaskets on pipes and tanks
  • Lining of pipes and tanks
  • Transfer and joining sleeves
  • Weatherproof flashing
  • Insulating strip
  • Isolation barriers
  • Heat resistant skirting rubber
  • Heat resistant belt scrapers
  • Dust covers
  • Variety of underwater applications


Common Name Chemical Name Nomen-clature Hardness Range Low temperature resistance Heat resistance Tensile strength Elongation Strength
 EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene monomer EPDM Shore A 40 -95 -45° C Max. Continuous -120° C
Max. intermittent-
140° C
Up to
150 kg /cm sq.
Up to 400 %
 Specific   Gravity Thickness Width Length Surface Insertion Packing Compression Set
1.2-1.40 gm/cm³ 0.5-6 mm
10 m
Plain (smooth)/ fabric marked/patterned. Possible –Nylon/cotton/polyester Rolls/flats Max.45% for 22hrs at 70° C