Neoprene Rubber Sheets (Chloroprene Rubber Sheets) are manufactured using Synthetic Polymer Chloroprene or chloro-butadiene. Chloroprene commonly known as Neoprene Rubber being resistant to most of the petroleum products is widely use in industrial applications. Insulation Solutions is the leading suppliers of Neoprene Rubber Sheets in various grades ranging from Commercial grade to special Fire Resistant grade at Industries most competitive price.


Standard Thickness (mm) 10mm t 11mm to 50mm
Standard Width xLength
  1. 1 Mtr x 2 Mtr,
  2. 1Mtrs x Long length,
  3. 1.2 Mtrs x Long length,
  4. 1.2 Mtrs x Long length &
  5. OR As Per customer’s requirement.


Standard Finish Both Sides Smooth (SS)


  1. Resistant to Heat, Oil,
  2. A wide range of Acids & alkalis, Solvents, Whether, Ozone & exhibits prolonged Ageing Properties.
  3. Neoprene Rubber Sheets exhibits Good Metal adhesion properties apart from this we can also offer Flame resistant Neoprene Grades.
  • Multi purpose material suitable for weathering, sea water, mineral oils, and greases.
  • Good Flame retardant.
  • Excellent acid resistance, good ozone and oxidation resilience.
  • Available in various hardnesses.
  • Not suitable for applications requiring resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones.


  • Petrochemicals industry
  • Chemical Pants, Steel Mills
  • Pharmaceuticals & other related industries where it is used for Packing
  • Metal to rubber Adhesion, Insulation from Oils, Acids, Alkalis, Heat.


Natural Rubber Sheets could be manufactured as per the mentioned Properties & Variation depending upon application requirement.

a Specific Gravity (gm / cm 3) – 1.35 to 1.60
b Hardness (Shore A,°5) – 55 to 80
c Tensile Strength, min (kg / cm 2 ) – 40 to 100
d Elongation at break, min(%) – 250 to 400
e Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%) – 40 to 50
f Service Temperature Range -25° C to +120° C