Nylon Rods are characterised by a combination of high strength, toughness, abrasion resistance, low weight, non-corrosive, low coefficient of friction, self lubricating, anti-vibration and noise damping. Parts fabricated out of our Nylon replaces metal parts such as bushes, bearings, slide plates, gears, gear racks, wear plates, washers, gaskets, seals, sleeper pads for rolling mills, liners, wheels, sleeves, pulleys, ropeway tyres, rollers etc. which were originally fabricated out Phosphor- Bronze, Gun metal, Brass, White metal, Steel and other expensive metals.


Standard Thickness (mm) 10mm to 300mm
Standard Width(mm) : 300mm , 600mm , 1000mm
Color Natural , Black & White


  • Wear resistant
  • Good strength with low coefficient of friction
  • Self l-ubricating
  • Reasonably priced compared to mechanical properties offered.
  • Reduction in weight Shock resistance
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Vibration damping performance
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Noise reduction
  • High service temperature
  • High tensile and compressive Strengths Machining.


ENGINEERING Gears, cams,sprockets, bushes, bearings, gaskets, pulleys, liners
TEXTILE Loom pivotbearings, gears for loom and knitting machines, shuttles, rollers, cams,cams followers
METAL Bearings,bearing cages, slipper pads, gears, bushes, wear strips, rollers,eccentric rollers, wobble box inserts.
MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENTS Cranes/Forklifts/Conveyors, Ropeways
AUTOMOBILE Wear rings,pads, swivel bushes, throttle linkages, bushes shackle pin bushes
PAPER / SUGAR MILLS Gears,bushes, pulleys, rollers bearings
BOTTLING & FOOD PROCESSING Star wheels, scrolls,guides, cams, cam followers, rollers, timing screws
RAILWAYS Bushes / Wear Plates
CHEMICAL Balls,gaskets, liners, nuts & bolts
MARINE Bushes, gears, rings, trunnion bearings, rollersand roller bearings stern


Property Condition Test Method Unit Value
Specific Gravity Dry ASTM D792
Water absorption 24 hrs. Dry ASTM D 570 % 3.5
Saturation Dry ASTM D570 % 8.5 – 10.0