PTFE it self is a highly versatile product with well know remarkable properties and fiberglass is well known as an excellent material in terms of its high temperature resistance and dimensionally stability. Combination of these two materials gives one product of practically unsurpassed utility and value with following properties:

Standard Thickness (mm) 0.08mm -1mm
Standard Width 1000 , 1250, 1500 , 2000, 2800, any desired width
Length 10mtr -100mtr any desired length customize
Color White , Brown , Black


  • High release from sticky materials ‘Non stick’ smooth surface
  • Operating temperature range -50¡ÆC to +260¡ÆC
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High electrical insulative and dielectric properties
  • Dimensional stabilities under heat and pressure
  • Low electrical losses
  • Mildew and fungus resistance
  • Ultra-Violet, infra-Red, Micro-wave, radio frequency resistance


  Thickness Standard width Weight Tensile Strength
Brown 0.08mm 1250mm 150g/m² 550/450N/5cm
Black 0.08mm 1250mm 150g/m² 550/450N/5cm
Brown 0.125mm 1250mm 250g/m² 1100/1000N/5cm
Black 0.125mm 1250mm 250g/m² 1100/1000N/5cm
Brown 0.145mm 1250mm 290g/m² 1200/1100N/5cm
Brown 0.18mm 1250mm 380g/m² 1800/17000N/5cm
Black 0.18mm 1250mm 380g/m² 1800/17000N/5cm
Brown 0.25mm 3000mm 520g/m² 2100/1800N/5cm
Black 0.25mm 3000mm 520g/m² 2100/1800N/5cm
Brown 0.35mm 3200mm 700g/m² 2600/2300N/5cm
Black 0.35mm 3000mm 700g/m² 2600/2300N/5cm
Brown 0.40mm 3000mm 720g/m² 3000/2500N/5cm
Black 0.40mm 3000mm 820g/m² 3000/2500N/5cm
Brown 0.50mm 3000mm 950g/m² 4400/400N/5cm
Brown 0.65mm 3000mm 1100g/m² 4400/400N/5cm
Brown 0.65mm 3000mm 1100g/m² 4400/400N/5cm
Brown 0.080mm 3000mm 1250g/m² 5000/4800N/5cm
Brown 0.90mm 3000mm 1550g/m² 6000/5000N/5cm
Black 0.90mm 3000mm 1550g/m² 6000/5000N/5cm


Industrial & Multi – Packaging  : Over wrapping and sealing multi-packs;

Paper  Converting: sealing Toilet Paper Rolls on Automatic Packaging Lines

Industrial Packaging  : Automated Shrink-Packaging

Packaging Industry: Welding of packaging bag PE / PP

Textile Industry: Fabric lamination and reinforcement through Fuse-Pressing Process , Textile Interlining Thermo-fuse pressing of cufflinks, collars and belts: Fabric lamination and reinforcing through Thermo-Fusing with interlinings , drying dyed textile and yarns

Non-wooven Production: Bonding fibers with resin in a continuous process:

Foam Material Production: continuous production of foam & expanded products , continuous production of foam.

Industrial and Domestic Baking: baking of fresh pastry and pizza; fat-free baking & reheating; Reheating of frozen foodstuff

Fat-free baking of bread and pastry; Continuous industrial biscuits baking; Energy saving baking processes

Tortilla Bread Manufacturing : Pressing & pre-cooking of tortilla bread

Industrial Grilling: Continuous Grilling of Bacon, Poultry, Fish or Meat; Continuous Baking of Potato cakes or Pancakes; Pre-Cooking of Ready Meals or TV Dinners

Domestic & Industrial Baking: Reheating of pizzas, snacks, chips & breads; fat-free cooking, grilling & roasting; Oven baking of pastry and cakes:

Fast food Industry: Contact Grilling of Burgers: Fast Food Restaurants’ Grilling of Burgers & Bacon

Food Industry: Continuous baking of pastry; Continuous grilling of burgers and poultry

Industrial Drying of Foodstuff: drying of milk and other foods byproducts;

Extrusion of Rubber Profiles: extrusion of rubber profiles

Automotive Rubber Profiles: extrusion of rubber profiles

Extrusion of Rubber Profiles: Rubber Profiles Curing Through Infra-Red Ovens

Hot Stamping Industry: Transferring Screen-Printing Images on T-Shirts; Heat Stamping Transfer on Textiles:

Screen Printing Industry: Drying of Screen Printed goods; Dry Can Calendaring:

Screen Printing on Glass Pans; Screen Printing of Printed Circuits; Screen Printing of Windscreens

uPVC Welding Industry: Welding uPVC Windows’, Doors’ and Conservatories’ Frames

Spray Painting Industry: Spray Painting Tunnels; Spray Painting Cabins; Spray Painting Walls

Chemical Industry: production of expansion joints; Production of Insulation Jackets , Air Ducts; Gas Ducts; Chemical Exhausts Ducts

Electronic Industry: Insulation of Electrical Motors High Temperature Wire Wrapping

Specialists Cable Wrapping , insulation of electronic condensators

Aerospace Industry: Membranes or Cover Shields of Rockets’ Fuel Tanks; Fuel Tanks Expandable Covers.

Plasma Spray Masking Tapes; Aerospace Technologies.

Hospital & Medical : Transport of patients with burns or skin problems; Alternative to bed linen in case of skin problems.