Silicone foam is called addition-type silicone. One pure silicone material is foaming to become it. After foaming, the diameter of the hole is small and even. Silicone foam is one kind of environmental material , for it is safety, poisonless and tasteless.

With the feature of chemical stability, high adsorbability, high mechanical strength and good heat thermostability, it is widely used for car, space industry, computer, fax machine, high temperature parts in printer and Kitchen appliance.



  • Uvioresistant, resistance to ozone, resistance to high and low temperature and fire resistance.
  • Good sealability to keep molecule and rain outside.
  • Dustproof, dampproof, shading, shock insulation and fireproofing.
  • Shock insulation on electronic equipment and car.
  • Buffering gasket and washer BISC.


Performance Unit Value Test Standard Remark
Breakagestrength Kn/m 62 ASTM D1458
Tensilestrength Mpa 5.9 ASTM D412 Speed 500mm/min
Breakage elongation % 578 ASTM D412
Tear strength N/nm 0.57 ASTM D524-00
Hardness Shore C 25 ASTM 2240
Temperature range -60- 250 En344
-140- 482 En344
Density g/cm3 0.46 ASTM D792
Compressiondeformation % 7 ASTM D14 Test condition:120℃*22hCompressionratio:50%
Pressure deflection Kpa 0.3 ASTM D5470 Test condition:12.5mm/minCompressionratio:25%